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Dickie Parmar.

Chief Technology Officer

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Dickie Parmar


Dickie Parmar, as Chief Technology Officer, plays a pivotal role in driving the technical vision of the organization forward. Among his vast array of responsibilities, he takes the lead in hiring and training the IT staff, consistently implementing cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to address current and projected needs, and vigilantly managing the critical performance metrics of all technology systems. Dickie is instrumental in overseeing system designs and any subsequent changes to the system architecture. Moreover, he has instituted rigorous standards and best practices for technology usage within the company, ensuring that each team member adheres to these benchmarks. With a keen eye on the annual operating and capital budgets, he steers technological purchases, staffing, and operations. His leadership is also evident in driving technical thought leadership, promoting an environment of innovation, and fostering creativity.

Even as a child of just 12, Dickie Parmar's eyes would light up at the mere mention of an IT class. School wasn't just an institution for him; it was a window into the digital realm he so dearly loved. His teacher, discerning the spark in Dickie, nudged him further into the universe of personal computing and software development.

The allure of owning a computer became a consuming desire. Yet, the financial constraints at home meant a straightforward purchase was out of reach. The weight of this realization reduced young Dickie to tears. However, it wasn't in his nature to wallow. Mustered with resolve and driven by passion, he meticulously crafted a business plan, putting forth a compelling argument about the returns on such an investment to his father. Touched and convinced by his son's vision and perseverance, his father, a shrewd man himself, negotiated terms with hardware sellers, ensuring Dickie got his computer on a 12-month installment plan. And so, began Dickie's relentless journey into the depths of technology.

Pursuing his undying passion, Dickie sealed his commitment with a first-class Bachelor's degree in Information and Technology Engineering.

Today, as a Chief Technology Officer, Dickie isn't just any executive. He's a seasoned full-stack developer, with expertise spanning multiple dimensions. His mastery extends beyond just IT, touching the realms of graphic design, video editing, and search engine optimization. His proficiency in communication, adaptability, leadership, strategic thinking, coding, and creating a strategy for implementing, using, and managing technology platforms sets him apart. For Dickie, every day immersed in this domain isn't just another day at work—it's a dream come true.