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NOT Just another BPO company.

BoS isn't just another BPO company; we're a conglomerate. Emerging from rigorous trials and expansive exploration across the Far East, Central Europe, Asia, and South America, we've dedicated over two decades to understanding the intricacies of outsourcing, honing an approach that delivers a seamless solution transcending geographical barriers.

At BoS, an acronym for Business Outsourcing Services, we've carved our niche in the Business Process Outsourcing sector. We offer versatile workforce solutions from our offshore centers in Asia. Our journey began in India in 2017, and by 2020, we expanded into Pakistan, tapping into the rich talent of the Asian workforce. This direct involvement has enriched us with invaluable insights, enhancing our credibility and winning us accolades and testimonials.

Fast forward to 2023, BoS experienced a landmark transformation with the inauguration of our BoS-Lab in the United Kingdom and the establishment of our headquarters in the United States, marking the rise of the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate. This strategic maneuver, mirroring our grand vision, paved the way for catering to an expansive global clientele.

Our conglomerate expertly combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness. We enable organizations to streamline processes, reduce expenses, and heighten profitability. But our offerings transcend mere services; we pledge a partnership—a mutual journey of growth and success. With BoS by your side, your organization is poised to thrive, underpinned by our Triple S Promise. Ignite your aspirations with us, and together, let's craft a legacy of success.

Meet Our Leadership Team.

Growth & Grit: The Making of BoS

The Journey Begins


After working with outsourcing companies across the UK, Asia, and Central Europe for more than a decade, their founders embarked on a global exploration to research and develop their innovative business process outsourcing idea. Visiting the Far-East, Asia, and South America, they deeply delved into the BPO industry - studying competitors, understanding diverse cultures and psyches, examining infrastructure, exploring legal systems, and learning new finance and accounting practices. Their exhaustive research and development exploration laid the cornerstone for the conceptual founding and the Making of BoS.

BoS's Debut in India


After reaching a significant milestone, they opened their first Business Process Outsourcing offshore center in India to help organizations streamline non-core activities. Their dedicated team, spanning both the eastern and western hemispheres, drove this initiative, showcasing their commitment to outsourcing. During this time, BoS strengthened ties with local partners to ensure compliance with regional laws. By seizing new business opportunities, they onboarded their first customer, marking the start of their global outsourcing services.

Series A Funding


Thanks to the investment from their new partner, they were able to undertake the necessary research and development for their second offshore outsourcing center. During this critical stage, their priorities included not just talent acquisition and office visits, but also forging government alliances and establishing offshore professional networks. One of their founders' unwavering commitment was evident when securing a work visa, highlighting their dedication to the vision and operations of the second offshore outsourcing center in its inaugural year.

BoS's Expansion to Pakistan.


BoS expanded its offshore outsourcing operations into Pakistan, celebrating the launch of its second offshore center. This pioneering move to establish two harmonious offshore centers in Asia not only enhanced their industry credibility but also expanded the options for prospective customers. Driven by BoS's dedicated teams from both the East and West, this venture underscored their unwavering commitment to Business Outsourcing Services. Their hands-on approach was crucial in successfully onboarding new customers, many of whom remain with BoS to this day.

Expanding Leadership


In a crucial move towards strategic growth, BoS appointed dedicated vice presidents and officers for its offshore centers in Asia. These competent leaders adeptly managed daily operations within their respective centers, allowing the founders to focus solely on strategic enterprise expansion. Upholding a commitment to excellence, BoS invested in a custom 'Work Extraordinary' leadership development program, tailored to nurture 21st-century leadership skills among its leadership team.

Embodying the Triple S Promise


BoS introduced the "Triple S Promise" - Streamline, Save, Succeed - to its premier customer, marking a groundbreaking initiative. This led to the transition of the customer's non-core activities from an onshore provider to BoS's offshore center in Pakistan. As a result, the customer's workforce expanded while costs were reduced by a staggering 60% compared to their original location. This shift underscored the customer's trust in offshoring and in BoS's unique proposition. The remarkable surge in profits earned high praise, a sentiment corroborated by a compelling testimonial from the customer's Non-Executive Director. The impact of BoS's Triple S Promise: Streamline, Save, Succeed, was truly demonstrated through this successful transition - a testament not to be overlooked when considering solutions for your non-core activities.

Laying the Groundwork: A Corporate Entity Emerges in the United Kingdom


In a landmark year for BoS, they not only acquired a new customer but also established a legal entity, assembling a dedicated team at their BoS-Lab in the UK. To further strengthen their leadership, BoS welcomed a Chief Marketing Officer, Non-Executive Director, and two Strategic Advisors to the Board—each with a wealth of expertise, a history of success, and extensive experience in the C-suite. These significant steps, combined with accreditations from HIPAA, ASA, IAOP, ISO, the REC, and Cyber Essentials Plus, positioned BoS to offer their offshore BPO services to an even wider global audience, marking a new episode in their growth series.

Establishing a Global Headquarters in
the United States


By establishing BoS Outsourcing LLC as their global headquarters in the US, inaugurating a dedicated office, and welcoming key leadership roles—including a Chief Customer Officer, a Vice President for Compliance, and a Chief People Officer—BoS has firmly asserted its commitment to serving American organizations. The Chief Customer Officer embarked on a strategic business tour across the nation, laying a solid foundation for BoS's presence in the US, reflecting the company's commitment to its American expansion. In the words of the famous phrase, "That's one small step for BoS, one giant leap for offshore-kind!"

Further underscoring their dedication to excellence and industry standards, BoS secured esteemed accreditations and memberships from organizations such as the American Staffing Association, IAOP, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This not only symbolizes the start of an exciting chapter in their global expansion but also positions them to extend their offshore services seamlessly to the US market.

Unveiling Customer Success Stories and Initiating the Launch of BoS's First Digital Footprint


These endorsements, reflecting the trust and appreciation of their customers, serve as their badges of honor, further solidifying their established reputation. BoS earned testimonials from satisfied customers, whose organizations thrived due to their unwavering commitment to streamlining operations, yielding substantial savings, and fostering robust growth across all back-office departments. Concurrently, BoS marked its debut in the digital realm, cementing its online presence to effectively engage with new customers. With a solid digital footprint, BoS aims to cultivate meaningful connections with industry-specific sectors like recruitment and healthcare, promoting shared growth and success. Both the accolades and the digital footprint signify a pivotal step in BoS's ongoing growth, underscoring their dedication to offering AI-empowered human resources in today's digital era. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you.

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What makes BoS different?

At BoS Outsourcing, we're not just about visions; we turn them into tangible results. We don't back down. We take challenges and mold them into positive achievements, all within an atmosphere of bold exploration and courage. This isn't by accident; it's by design, thanks to our unwavering commitment to employee empowerment. In our world, every individual is given the opportunity to flourish and contribute to our shared success.

What really distinguishes us is our knack for sparking innovation from sheer imagination, consistently pivoting hurdles into lucrative prospects. By fostering a culture of teamwork and mutual respect, we fuel our team's passion to outdo themselves, striking an ideal balance between growth, creativity, and fulfillment. It's this dynamism, this spirit of resilience, that truly distinguishes BoS, resonating with both our current and prospective customers.

  • 1.

    First-Hand Knowledge

    It's one thing to navigate global markets from a distant office; it's entirely another to immerse oneself in the heart of the action. A prominent member of our C-suite took this to heart, living and working in both India and Pakistan for two years. This deep-dive wasn't a mere formality but a commitment to understanding the intricate dynamics of these regions firsthand. His experiences have equipped BoS with an unparalleled insight, ensuring our customers benefit from a seamless bridge between global ambitions and Asian expertise. Our approach is simple yet profound: provide every customer with a global team that boasts local mastery, facilitating a transition that isn't just smooth but also inherently equipped for success.

  • 2.

    A Unique Conglomerate

    BoS isn't just another company. That's right; we're a conglomerate with an international presence comprised of four distinct legal entities. Our footprint in the UK and US isn't merely symbolic—it underscores our commitment to local accessibility and accountability. Many offshore outsourcing firms operate from distant locations, remaining elusive and out of reach for customers. BoS, however, bridges this gap. By maintaining our stronghold in Western territories, we adhere to the rigorous standards, laws, and regulations of both the US and UK. This commitment not only ensures transparency and accountability but also instills confidence in our customers, reassuring them that they can always reach out to a local team when necessary. With our insurance policies and esteemed accreditations, we provide an additional layer of trust and reliability. And when it comes to disaster recovery? Our presence across four international locations fortifies the BoS Conglomerate, making us as resilient and unyielding as any organization could hope to be. We're not just accessible; we're accountable, stable, and always within your reach.

  • 3.

    A First of Its Kind

    BoS stands out not merely for our six services but for our groundbreaking approach to international cooperation. We've pioneered a conglomerate model with two offshore outsourcing centers: one in Pakistan and another in India. This strategic decision offers an array of advantages—from disaster recovery to tapping into a broader pool of English-speaking talents. Beyond operational benefits, this dual-center setup provides a buffer; if one location faces challenges, the other can seamlessly step in, ensuring continuous service delivery. What truly sets us apart, however, is how we've transformed the intricate geopolitical dynamics between India and Pakistan into a story of unity and collaboration within BoS. This synergy is unique to us and has positioned us prominently in the BPO industry. Our harmonious interplay between the two centers is a testament to our belief in global collaboration over division. To date, our research hasn't identified another BPO conglomerate with such a unique international configuration. If you encounter another entity reflecting our model, we'd be genuinely eager to hear from you.

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