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Georgia Hughton.

Advisory Board Member

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Georgia Hughton


Georgia Hughton became an integral part of the BoS team in 2017. Entrusted with the pivotal role of steering our compliance ship, Georgia has been the force behind fortifying BoS's global compliance framework. Her journey with us is marked by noteworthy milestones; in 2018, she traveled to our first offshore center in India, not just to induct new recruits but to instill in them the essence of compliance and corporate ethos. Her training sessions have been more than instructional—they've been transformative.

With her at the helm, BoS has confidently ventured into customer audits, even those conducted by public sector clients of our customers. Under her vigilant eye and meticulous approach, we have not only faced these audits but have consistently emerged with commendable results, passing each one.

In 2019, acknowledging Georgia's invaluable contributions and recognizing her evolving personal commitments, BoS's leadership team championed her transition to the Advisory Board Member (ABM) role. This shift not only highlighted our organization's flexibility and understanding but also demonstrated our commitment to supporting Georgia during a significant period in her life, as she embarked on the journey of motherhood, raising her three newly born sons. While she continued to offer her expertise in a more flexible capacity as an ABM, the door remains open for her anticipated return as a fully active working officer in the future.

Her efforts have been instrumental in weaving risk mitigators and counter-fraud procedures seamlessly across all our customer-facing verticals. She ensures that every department doesn't just adhere to compliance standards but embodies them.

Before her association with BoS, Georgia held the esteemed position of Chief Governance Manager at a prominent healthcare recruitment agency. Her role also extended to a healthcare agency that enjoys its listing on the London Stock Exchange. Leading teams in governance, risk, and compliance, she's honed her expertise through real-world challenges and solutions.

With a track record of managing audits, risk, quality, and compliance, especially within the intricate realms of Clinical Governance, she's garnered respect and acknowledgment from industry regulators. Names like HCA Healthcare, Health Trust Europe, Crown Commercial Services, NHS Scotland, and the Collaborative Procurement Partnership are not just familiar to her; they've been a testament to her proficiency.

While Georgia's deep understanding of legal guidelines and corporate governance best practices is admirable, it's her unwavering integrity that truly sets her apart. She possesses the rare ability to stand firm, even if it means saying “no” when circumstances divert from ethical standards or legal stipulations. For Georgia, BoS's integrity, as well as that of our valued customers, is sacrosanct. She's committed to ensuring that every step we take is not only in line with the law but also echoes our commitment to ethics and transparency.