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Jay Shah.

Chief Operating Officer

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Jay Shah


Jay Shah, a seasoned veteran in the BPO sector, brings with him over a decade of unparalleled experience and wisdom. The foundation of his expertise is built on a deep understanding of operational excellence, cultivated over 12 fruitful years navigating the business process outsourcing landscape. His journey, marked by consistent growth and leadership, has positioned him as a luminary in the field.

After earning a first-class Bachelor's degree in Engineering with a specialization in Electronics in 2011, Jay's entrepreneurial spirit took flight. Immediately following his graduation, he founded his limited company. What began as a modest team of 12 in 2011 grew to a remarkable 250 by 2015 and further doubled to an impressive 500 by 2018. Under Jay's adept leadership, his company offered key onshore and offshore BPO services in customer support, sales, and research, establishing collaborations with countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and India.

In his role as a business owner and as a C-Suite executive, Jay's philosophy transcends the traditional boundaries of management. He doesn't merely manage; he shapes the operational DNA of the organization. With a foundation in a process-centric approach, Jay recognizes that long-term success is a blend of strategic vision, meticulous planning, and impeccable execution. This ethos, coupled with his belief in the enduring power of persistent effort, defines his unique position in the corporate landscape.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jay is a true architect of leadership. His talent for identifying and nurturing potential has guided future leaders under his mentorship. With an unwavering commitment to ethical leadership and integrity, Jay is steering the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate toward a future where innovative thinking aligns with operational efficiency. And while his accomplishments are impressive, many who have worked closely with him believe it's his genuine spirit and undeniable ethical code that truly set him apart.