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John O’Sullivan.

Outside Director

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John O’Sullivan


Mr. O’Sullivan is a seasoned entrepreneur with a sterling leadership background in human capital and recruitment. After serving as a Director for several top global staffing firms, he embarked on a new venture, founding Best International Group. This endeavor rapidly expanded, achieving a turnover of £130 million within a mere 18 months before being acquired by Spring Group in 2003.

Subsequent to this monumental achievement, Mr. O’Sullivan initiated Elite Leaders and Elite XL in 2004. He continues to helm these entities as Chairman, while adeptly managing a select portfolio as an Advisory Board Member and Outside Director. In these roles, he furnishes strategic advice to a chosen few companies, extending his expertise in areas such as corporate governance, corporate finance, exit strategy, fundraising, fast-track growth strategies, leadership development, mergers and acquisitions, and training.

As an Outside Director at BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate, Mr. O'Sullivan's responsibilities are paramount. He oversees corporate strategy, ensures regulatory compliance, and offers an invaluable independent perspective during board deliberations, thereby enriching the company's decision-making prowess.

His unparalleled skill in driving both swift and sustainable growth, whether organically or through acquisitions, underscores his essence. Mr. O’Sullivan's outstanding capacity to enhance shareholder value establishes him as a cornerstone for the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate and its clientele.