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Mansi Shah.

Chief Compliance Officer

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Mansi Shah


After earning her first-class Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Management and Accountancy in 2013, Mansi Shah entered the dynamic realm of the Business Process Outsourcing sector in 2014. While expanding her knowledge base, she also obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management in 2015.

With a decade of experience in the BPO industry, Mansi's exemplary performance is rooted in her harmonious blend of theoretical expertise and practical experience. While she has a comprehensive understanding of essential non-core activities and business functions, her true passion lies in compliance. This fervor led her to Georgie Hughton, the ABM at BoS, who warmly welcomed her to the team in 2018.

In her essential role as the Chief Compliance Officer of the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate, Mansi supervises both clinical and commercial governance. Her skill set spans the entire spectrum of compliance and extends into specialized areas like HIPAA and ISO. Her unwavering dedication to operational excellence, quality, leadership, and the adoption of industry best practices has firmly established her as a trusted leader in her field.

Under Mansi's guidance, the conglomerate has achieved significant improvements in compliance protocols, risk mitigation measures, and operational standards. Her leadership style—a perfect balance of precision and innovation—acts as a guiding light for her team, inspiring them toward continual enhancement and ethical conduct.