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Mia Javed.

Associate Vice President – Customer Service & Recruitment

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Mia Javed


From an entry-level position within the sales department to her current role as an Associate Vice President, Mia Javed's professional ascent is a testament to her diligence, dedication, and growth. She began her journey in the BPO industry nearly a decade ago with a leading US-based company in 2014. Mia rapidly carved out a reputation as a standout in customer service and recruitment, distinguishing herself among her peers.

By 2016, Mia's exceptional skills caught the attention of a competing BPO. They swiftly recruited her as their Sales and Customer Service Manager. Entrusted with overseeing comprehensive B2B and B2C campaigns from start to finish, Mia was pivotal in catalyzing sales growth and upholding impeccable customer service standards.

In 2020, recognizing her vast expertise and unmatched track record, BoS Outsourcing invited Mia to join their team as AVP. Under her leadership, a key account experienced a significant surge in sales revenue, surpassing a remarkable $10,000,000. This achievement underscores Mia's prowess in sales, recruitment, and customer service.

In her role as AVP, Mia's responsibilities extend beyond strategy and leadership. She maintains daily operations, aligning tasks with company objectives, and overseeing schedules. She is adept at conflict resolution, ensuring a harmonious working environment. Performance reviews, essential to human resource management, fall under Mia's domain, giving her insight into the strengths and potential growth areas of her team. Moreover, her prowess in customer relationship management is evident.

Following initial client engagements led by vice presidents, Mia seamlessly continues the dialogue, updating them on the company's latest offerings, from innovative service opportunities to tailored programs.