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Nawaz Baloch.

Associate Vice President – Finance & Accounting

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Nawaz Baloch


Nawaz Baloch, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration since 2018, swiftly carved a niche for himself in the finance and marketing sectors. His hands-on experience in diverse industries, such as construction and marketing, cemented his understanding of strategic financial management and the business impact of effective marketing strategies.

Recognized for his quick learning and adaptability, Nawaz joined the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate in 2022. An integral part of his professional growth was an intensive eight-month managerial training program with Work Extraordinary, aimed at mastering every facet of finance. During this time, he developed a strong working relationship and unwavering commitment to the BoS CFO. Whether it was credit control, aged-debt recovery, or accounts management, Nawaz showcased his versatility and efficiency. Collaborating with various customer directors and major banks, his expertise in financial analysis, strategic management, and report preparation stands out.

As the AVP for Finance and Accounting, Nawaz's comprehensive skill set bolsters BoS's financial performance and strategic decision-making for their customers. His analytical acumen and attention to detail continue to deliver invaluable insights for a wide range of industries.