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Novair Mian.

Chief Financial Officer

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Novair Mian


Motivated by a deep passion for finance and accounting and an unyielding drive for success, Novair Mian embarked on his professional trajectory while simultaneously pursuing his academic endeavors. This dual pursuit culminated in him obtaining a first-class Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in accounting and finance. In tandem, he also secured first-class qualifications in Legum Baccalaureus and Chartered Accountancy.

Across the span of the past decade, Novair has showcased his adeptness in tax and financial matters, serving various industries, notably including Business Process Outsourcing. This prowess in finance led him to found and manage a flourishing tax and financial services firm in 2014, catering to a diverse clientele from onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations.

Recognizing the boundless potential inherent within the BPO sector, he transitioned into this vibrant industry in 2020, joining BoS as their Chief Financial Officer. As a registered professional, Novair seamlessly juggles his duties at the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate with his passion for practicing law during his free hours.

In his role as CFO, Novair has been instrumental in integrating finance and accounting insights from various territories, notably the US, UK, and UAE. He champions innovation, nurtures client relationships, and ensures financial precision, underpinned by efficient accounting strategies. His unwavering dedication to excellence and his enthusiasm for elevating standards in the offshoring domain firmly establish him as a trusted industry leader.