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Sana Khurshid.

Chief People Officer

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Sana Khurshid


Sana Khurshid, Chief People Officer at BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate, boasts an impressive academic background. In 2009, she earned a first-class Bachelor's in Commerce degree and later, in 2014, secured a first-class MBA specializing in marketing. Sana began her professional journey in 2015 at the esteemed School of Business and Management (SBM).

At SBM, an institute celebrated for its professional qualifications and technical training, Sana embraced the roles of Program Manager and Career Counselor. She was an integral part of a dedicated team of professionals, including Chartered Accountants, ACCAs, CIAs, CISAs, and CFAs. Their collective efforts delivered outstanding services, and Sana's guidance was instrumental in helping students achieve international recognition, gold medals, and merit certificates in CA, CFA, CIMA, and ACCA programs.

One of Sana's defining achievements at SBM was leading the admission of 5,000 students across various distinguished certification programs such as CMA, CA, ACCA, CIA, and more. Identifying the institute's heavy reliance on spreadsheets, Sana introduced a Software as a Service solution. This innovation, developed with the tech team, revolutionized SBM's data management, enhancing efficiency, security, and accessibility. Additionally, Sana championed cultural improvements, exemplified by her organization of refreshing excursions for 200 students, which significantly boosted student retention and the overall pass rate.

Outside the institute, Sana became the face of SBM at numerous expos, forging connections with major organizations and potential employers. She established links with industry giants like PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young, and the Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL). Her eight years at SMB enriched her network within the finance and accounting sectors, and she continues to uphold positive, professional ties with the SBM C-Suite and her former colleagues.

By 2023, Sana's remarkable talents caught the attention of BoS. Recognizing her capabilities and achievements, they invited her to explore the world of offshore outsourcing. Shortly after, she assumed her current role as Chief People Officer. Now, Sana channels her vast energy, character, and passion into BoS. For those interested in learning more about her journey or seeking a career with BoS, she remains accessible on LinkedIn.