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Sonia Turnbull.

Chief Marketing Officer

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Sonia Turnbull


Introducing Sonia Turnbull, a dynamic marketing leader with an entrepreneurial flair. She holds a Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing in London. In 2003, Sonia delved into the digital landscape, founding a trailblazing global online accessory business. Leveraging automation and an advanced digital strategy, her enterprise achieved seven-figure revenues in just two years, earning her platinum seller status on both Amazon and eBay. This meteoric success captured eBay's attention, culminating in a personal meeting and featuring her business model as a case study.

Come 2015, Sonia further showcased her entrepreneurial prowess by launching a marketing agency specialized in providing services to onshore, nearshore, and offshore organizations across various industries. The agency achieved significant milestones, such as building a multi-million-pound property investment portfolio in two years and transforming a print agency into a full-service creative powerhouse, securing over 10 new accounts in its inaugural year.

In her role as CMO of the BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate, Sonia leads a global team of marketing experts. She's instrumental in bolstering the BoS brand as well as its customer brands. Her responsibilities span strategy development, brand management, advertising, digital marketing, social media, content creation, corporate and financial communications, industry analysis, media relations, and data analytics. Sonia's unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our customers consistently receive innovative, results-driven solutions pivotal to their success.