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Zainab Khan.

Senior Vice President – Operations

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Zainab Khan


In her role as Senior Vice President, Zainab Khan plays a crucial role in achieving the company's financial goals and enhancing its operating performance. She is responsible for consistently communicating the company's strategies to the board of directors, attending leadership meetings, overseeing revenue generation and operations, and identifying ways to maximize revenue. Unwavering in her commitment, Zainab ensures the strict adherence to company policies and procedures across all departments.

At the heart of her leadership is her ability to attract, retain, and motivate staff, ensuring the offshore center is fueled by talent and dedication. She keeps the board well-informed about the organization's condition and any factors that might influence it. Moreover, Zainab spearheads new business opportunities and is renowned for fostering productive relationships and partnerships that benefit BoS Outsourcing. She is adept at setting clear objectives, monitoring work progress, and evaluating results, ensuring alignment with the organization's mission and objectives. Furthermore, her interaction extends to community leaders, executive directors, and senior staff members, strengthening BoS's position in the BPO landscape. Embracing and nurturing broad networks, Zainab actively exchanges knowledge and promotes initiatives that drive transformative change.

Zainab Khan is an accomplished professional in the field of Human Resources and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). After completing her MBA in Human Resources in 2017, Zainab swiftly launched her career as an HR Executive.

While working for The Centaurus Group, Zainab's exceptional talent garnered the interest of BoS Outsourcing Conglomerate. They recruited her in 2020 to play a pivotal role in the early development of their second Offshore Center in Pakistan. With her versatility, Zainab led initiatives across diverse departments such as credit control, recruitment, human resources, accounts, and finance.

Today, Zainab excels as the SVP of Operations. Her responsibilities include implementing strategic plans and ensuring robust operations to strengthen the BoS Outsourcing team.

Given her extensive knowledge of the BPO industry, Zainab is the ideal partner for those navigating its intricacies. Her deep expertise in Human Resources and her leadership as an SVP at BoS make her stand out in the offshore BPO landscape.